Win one of seven prizes worth $8000 ...

Remote work is booming. More and more people are choosing a life in which they are no longer bound to a particular location for work. We created this contest to raise awareness of remote work amongst companies and show frustrated cubicle-dwellers that there are real companies out there looking for talent.

... How it works

1. You vote for your favorite company for remote work.
2. Repeat every 24-hours while the contest runs (December 04th until December 28th).
3. The prizes go to those who brought in most votes for the winning company.

**Pro Tip** Share the link you get after voting and ask your friends and coworkers to vote for the same company: votes made via your link will get you bonus votes!

Roam: Coliving & coworking

One month in Roam Miami worth $1800
Roam Miami is a quiet refuge amidst a sea of towering, glistening condominiums. Four historic buildings circle a swimming pool and lawn. Inside Roam Miami, the city feels worlds away. Outside the gate, Little Havana awaits with its restaurants and street life.

What you get

Live at Roam Miami for one month. You'll have access to a private room & bathroom, all utilities included. Coworking space and battle-tested wi-fi. Room bookings based on availability.

About Roam

Roam is a network of global coliving spaces that provide everything you need to feel at home and be productive the moment you arrive. Strong, battle-tested wifi, a coworking space, chef’s kitchen and a diverse community.
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The brand new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

Win one Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar worth $1999
Want to be one of the first to own a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? You can get your hands on one without spending a single penny. MacBook Pro is the number one go to for many digital nomads. The new MacBook is filled with new features and the touch bar is asking to be hacked.

What you get

Apple MacBook Pro MNQF2LL/A 13-inch Laptop with Touch Bar (2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 512GB Retina Display), in the color of your liking, as long as it's available on Amazon. See the product here: Macbook Pro.

Start Me Up: Learn to launch a remote startup in Bali

Win a spot in a 2017 cohort worth $1500
Want to learn the ropes working for a remote startup in Bali? Start Me Up is prepping tomorrow's workforce for the future of work through training, mentorship and matching young people with 1-2 month projects at awesome remote startups.

What you get

Accommodation, airport transfers and sim card. Unlimited membership to one of the world's best coworking spaces. Training and onboarding from your startup mentor. An introduction to tools for remote startups. Access to 12-16 startup-focused workshops per month. Support from an accountability mentor. First week excursion e.g. surf trip, volcano climb or white water rafting.

About Start Me Up

Start Me Up matches young people with hard-to-find internships and placements at remote startups overseas. It runs two programs in Bali, a Startup Internship for young people looking to get startup experience overseas and its Accelerator Internship, a program that fast-tracks students' startup ideas.
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Wifi Tribe: coliving & coworking expedition

Win one month of Wifi Tribe to any location worth $1500
We want to work and explore the world at the same time. But instead of doing it alone, we do it with like-minded people and experience this journey more intensely together; the adventures and the inspiration, the happiness and the challenges, the work and the play.

What you get

One month coliving + coworking with the tribe in any of our locations for 2017. We're starting the year off in South America and plan to travel through Europe and Asia in the second half.

About Wifi Tribe

Live, work, and travel with a group of young entrepreneurs & creatives. We're a tight-knit community of digital entrepreneurs and remote professionals, who "slow-travel" the world together one month at a time. Every month we move to a different country to work and explore together.
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Coworkation: work & travel

Win one coworkation in any location worth $600
Work blends with travel and leisure at Coworkation which offer short coworking trips for digital nomads and location independent professionals to exotic places around the world. Designed for inspiration you will be working from some of the most beautiful places imaginable and connecting with other driven and passionate people.

What you get

Choose from any one of the Coworkation destinations in 2017 such as Bali, Italy, Thailand and Spain...and more! (*flights not included)

About Coworkation

The facilitators on the various 'coworkations' focus on topics such as business big picture (vision, planning, decision-making, strategy etc), lifestyle design and personal growth for professional development. You will learn strategies to take home with you to supercharge your work!
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Hubud: Hub in Ubud

Win one month unlimited membership to Hubud worth $275
Come join a community of people who are quietly changing the way we work, live and bring ourselves to the world. Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud] is a collaborative working space home to a diverse community of local and visiting creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and businessfolks, changemakers, downshifters and truth-seekers. At Hubud, over 200 strong are working together to find new ways to thrive.

What you get

One month unlimited membership to Hubud: Ubud Coworking and Community Space.

About Hubud

Hubud is Bali's first coworking space for location-independent entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and change-makers. We host more than 30 curated events monthly.
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Travel Developer:
Learn to become a digital nomad

Win a full Travel Developer course worth $497.
The complete Travel Developer Course covers everything you need to know to become a location-independent web designer and developer.

What you get

The course includes everything from web development basics, to learning the most popular design tool - Sketch, and up-selling services with SEO. Students will also learn freelance business skills such as perfecting the cold-email, managing multiple clients, and streamlining their billing and finances. All of these lessons are taught using software and skills that can be used anywhere in the world.

About Travel Developr

Learn the Basics of Becoming a Digital Nomad with Phil Manning, who is a full-stack developer and small-business consultant. Over the past 4 years, he has worked with 30+ businesses creating websites and iOS applications while also providing business consultant services from SEO and digital marketing to strategy and pricing. He has worked with boutique hotels in Costa Rica, to the fastest growing e-commerce website in the world - Learn more about Travel Developer